Roanoke – Annual City Neighborhoods’ Awards Program

There are 7 Neighborhood Award categories with one (1) additional 8th overall award category (Neighborhood All-Star Award) as follows:

  • Neighborhood Communications Award: For excellence in getting the word out
  • Neighborhood Improvement Award: Recognizing a neighborhood project and/or activity that improves and/or enhances a neighborhood’s quality of life
  • Neighborhood Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award: Recognizing an individual who has given outstanding leadership service to his or her neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Youth Volunteer Award: For service to Roanoke’s neighborhoods
  • Neighborhood-City Partnership Award: Recognizing a City Department or employee who assisted and/or provided resources to a neighborhood organization on a project, program, or activity that improved/enhanced the neighborhood’s quality of life
  • Neighborhood-Community Partnership Award: For contributions made by a business, nonprofit, school and/or other institution to improve the surrounding neighborhood/community
  • Neighborhood Arts Award:  For a neighborhood project or activity that improves the quality of visual and/or performing arts in the neighborhood, and/or enhances the character and/or surrounding area of the neighborhood through visual and/or performing arts
  • Neighborhood All-Star Award:  Recognizing the exceptional accomplishments achieved by an eligible neighborhood organization, individual, and/or institution recognized and nominated in one or more of the eight (8) Neighborhood Partnership Award categories that improved and/or enhanced a specific neighborhood and/or city neighborhoods’ quality of life. (Note: There is no nomination form for this award.)

Past Honor Roll Members

2023 Serve Virginia Honor Roll

Eligibility Requirements

Any resident-led, resident-controlled city neighborhood organization recognized by the RNA and Office of Neighborhood Services is eligible to apply or be nominated for these awards. This includes neighborhood associations, homeowner associations, neighborhood watch groups and tenant associations.

  • Nominators may nominate themselves, individuals residing in their neighborhood, individuals residing in a  neighborhood different from their own for their efforts to improve the quality of living in Roanoke.
  • The project or activity must have been carried out during July 1 to October 31.
  • A Nomination Form must be completed and submitted by the November 18th deadline.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted by any one individual or group.
  • Activities or contributions for which the person is nominated must not be performed as an element of paid employment.
  • Contributions to the neighborhood may have occurred over the course of many years but the judges will give special consideration to recent activities.
  • Nominations may include yourself, a family, family member, friend, or neighbor who makes noteworthy contributions to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.
  • The nominee may also be an individual from a neighborhood different than where the nominator resides.

How To Nominate a Youth Volunteer

  • Complete and submit an easy Online Neighborhood Award Nomination Form accompanied by description and a sample of the publication and a description of the project.
  • A fillable PDF Neighborhood Award Nomination Form can also be downloaded, completed, and mailed with a postmark by the deadline of November 18th to the Office of Neighborhood Services, Attn: RNA Neighborhood Awards Committee, 215 Church Ave SW, Room 364 South, Roanoke, VA 24011.
  • Include documentation such as pamphlets, website links, articles, samples, presentations, photographs, news clippings, letters of support, etc. supporting the impact and accomplishments achieved by the nominee.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations you can submit.

Nomination Description & Support Documentation

Complete and return the Nomination Form, accompanied by a description detailing the nominee’s activities or contributions to a neighborhood or organization and why he or she should receive the Award.

The following questions are examples of criteria which may be addressed in your nomination:

  1. Was the activity sponsored by the organization or was it planned by the youth/youth group volunteer?
  2. Describe the activity (or activities) the youth or youth group participated in.
  3. Give examples of the leadership qualities this young person or group exhibited to ensure the success of their project/activity.
  4. How did the youth or youth group work with others to achieve the project’s/activity’s goals?
  5. What positive accomplishments occurred as a direct result of the youth or youth group effort?
  6. What was the impact to the neighborhood and/or community at large?

Submission Deadline

All entries must be received no later than November 18th. You may email your submissions online. Mail the submissions to:

Roanoke Neighborhood Advocated Awards Committee
c/o Roanoke Office of Neighborhood Services
215 Church Avenue SW, Room 364 South
Roanoke, VA 24011

Evaluation Criteria for Judges & Possible Points

  • Level of Commitment – level of time and resources the youth committed to the activity: 30 points
  • Length of commitment – was the commitment one-time or over several months or years? Single or multiple activities?: 25 points
  • Leadership ability – demonstrated initiative and leadership skills: 25 points
  • Overall effect – level of positive effects the youth produced in the neighborhood and/or community at large: 20 points

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