Collaborate & Help Shape Volunteerism in Virginia

As findings from our Virginia Community Engagement Index show, the Commonwealth is filled with individuals who want to make a difference and organizations ready to channel that spirit into action. The more we join together, the more opportunities we can provide and the greater the impact we can make.

Join us for the next
Virginia Volunteerism Summit!

The annual Virginia Volunteerism Summit is the Commonwealth’s leading event for organizations and individuals making a difference in their communities. Serve Virginia and the Virginia Service Foundation host the annual gathering, featuring a diverse array of workshops, networking events and inspiring keynote speakers to promote innovation across the sector.

Build Your Capacity

Whether you’re an individual looking to add your skills, experience and perspective to an organization or cause you care about, or you’re a partner organization looking to boost your mission and community programming, we’re here to help!

AmeriCorps Funding

From federal programs like AmeriCorps to local community foundation funds, knowing the opportunities out there is the first step to strengthening an existing program or getting a new idea off the ground.

Volunteer Cultivation and Recognition

49% of Virginians say they regularly volunteer because helping others gives them a sense of fulfillment in their lives.* When we take the time to understand and honor those volunteers, we not only keep them coming back to our organizations, we help inspire others and spread the wealth. 

(*Virginia Community Engagement Index Finding)

Rally & Mobilize

Our Virginia Community Engagement Index study provides a rich dataset for our partners to examine priorities and needs by region, age, race/ethnicity and a variety of other factors. Together, we can pinpoint what truly matters to members of our communities and develop solutions backed by data. 

What’s Your Volunteer Personality?

Pair your passion with purpose. Take our Volunteer Personality Quiz and find out which volunteer direction is best for you.