Nonprofit Management

Resources to Strengthen
Your Nonprofit

From keeping up with the latest trends, to training opportunities, to coalition-building and networking, the tools below can help you strengthen your organization and build your capacity to do more in your community.

PACE - Faith Guide

A guide exploring the role of faith communities in shaping and making American civic life, providing a framework for funders to engage with faith communities as partners in advancing a stronger and more inclusive democracy

The Training Hub

Easy-to-access, high-quality virtual training, grounded in proven approaches and tested by leaders across the country

Replenishing trust: Civil society’s guide to reversing the trust deficit

An article on how American civil society institutions have an important role to play in increasing trust

The Trust Crisis

Article on the public’s declining regard for nonprofits, how it may hurt fundraising, advocacy, and hiring, and how data can help

The Push and Pull: Declining Interest in Nonprofit Leadership

Report on the findings from 3,000 nonprofit staff on the factors related to their aspiration to top leadership roles, as well as the experiences of current nonprofit leaders

A Conversation Starter for Funders and Nonprofit Leaders

Practical tools and actionable steps to bolster your collective efforts in moving missions forward and cultivating stronger communities

Getting Federal Dollars to Communities: An Action Agenda

A guide for philanthropy and movement building organizations working to ensure that federal resources translate into meaningful quality of life improvements

Apolitical Leadership

Courses and events designed to help public servants and government leaders develop the skills they need to progress their careers in government

Health of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector Annual Review

Report providing data, analysis, and recommendations about key areas powering 1.8 million nonprofits, including finances, human capital, governance, trust, public policy, and advocacy

Mapping Civic Measurement

A landscape review of existing resources (research projects, assessments, frameworks) to identify tools that can improve our constitutional democracy

True Impact Nonprofit Resources

Resources for creating Logic Models and Theory of Change, Becoming Evidence Informed, Measurement and Data Tools, and moving the needle

How to Build a Diverse Nonprofit Staff Toolkit

Collection of articles, tools, and case studies to support concrete steps to improve diversity

The Virginia Community
Engagement Index

See how and why others in Virginia give of their time, talents and voices to community causes. Check out our Virginia Community Engagement Index findings.

What’s Your Volunteer Personality?

Pair your passion with purpose. Take our Volunteer Personality Quiz and find out which volunteer direction is best for you.