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The Active Idealist

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Ambitious & Authentic

You want to change the world, and you’re not the only one. 1 in 5 Virginians who volunteered in the past year say the issues we face are so great they have no choice but to act.

Like them, you act because you care — a lot — and it’s important for you to see it through. You love seeing results, which is maybe why you somehow always ended up as the leader in group projects . . .


The Active Idealist

Your Personalized Volunteer Recommendations

Based on your personality, preferences, and service areas of interest, we recommend exploring these opportunities:

Work hands-on in communities, earn money for your education, build leadership skills and gain an edge in a job search — all while making a difference in a field you care about.

Find opportunities available right now to make a difference: where you live, with whatever skills you have, and at times that work best for you.

Browse nonprofit jobs, see where your skills are needed and learn more about the opportunities service can open for you.


You’re Not Alone

Citizens throughout Virginia in our recent Community Engagement Index study had a similar opinion. Want to dig into the data?



How To Stay Engaged

Based on your serve personality, we recommend you explore these local service resources.

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