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The Passionate Professional

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Bold & Intentional

You’re about getting it done. Period. You might even send Calendly links to schedule time with your partner or friends (!) IYKYK

You want to optimize your smarts and skills in the limited time you have for the most impact because giving back and helping others fills your soul. It just so happens that 50% of Virginians who volunteered in the past year say they continue to do so for that very same reason.


The Passionate Professional

Your Personalized Volunteer Recommendations

Based on your personality, preferences, and service areas of interest, we recommend exploring these opportunities:

Tackle a limited-time project or embed within an organization while building your skillset, earning money for your education and gaining an edge on public-sector employment.


Find opportunities available right now to make a difference: where you live, with whatever skills you have, and at times that work best for you.

Put your professional skills to work strengthening an organization that could use your pro-bono expertise and perspective.


You’re Not Alone

Citizens throughout Virginia in our recent Community Engagement Index study had a similar opinion. Want to dig into the data?


How To Stay Engaged

Based on your serve personality, we recommend you explore these local service resources.

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